Calm & Tranquility Necklace

  • Calm & Tranquility Necklace

A sterling silver Calm & Tranquility necklace featuring a two circle drop pendant and genuine Aquamarine faceted bead charm.

'Sometimes the simple and sweet things in life bring moments of calm & tranquility'

This is a beautiful well-being gift inspired by the the colours of the coast

* Delicate diamond cut chain made from eco-friendly recycled sterling silver
* sterling silver double circle drop pendant
* 4mm genuine faceted Aquamarine drop
* Gift box

This delicate and modern necklace is handcrafted in my jewellery studio and features a pretty double circle Aquamarine drop pendant hung from a fine sterling silver chain.

Please note: The wellbeing necklaces feature 100% beautiful & natural high quality gemstone beads - as such the gemstones themselves will vary in colour tone - each gemstone bead have their own natural characteristics (adding to their unique charm!)

A beautiful necklace Ideal for layering or worn on its own.

The box insert features a modern circle design with the gemstone name and the words Calm & Tranquility.